(Frequently Asked Questions)  

What does My Online Store offer?
  • We offer a variety health and beauty product from pre-mix beverages and toiletries. We also offer benefits for customers that interested in being our registered dropship agent.

What is the benefit of being a registered dropship agent?
  • You can start doing your full/part-time job at home online. It would be a perfect opportunity to start you own micro business with the chance of expanding.
  • Read here for more INFO.
  • You can start register to be one HERE.

If I am a normal customer, how do I order the product?
  • You can either buy through PAYPAL, or contact us to order through NON-PAYPAL method.
  • You can also CONTACT US for more information and inquiry.

How do I make the payment?
  • You can pay either through Paypal or Bank Transfer.
  • Whichever method you use, DO NOT forget to keep the payment receipt as your proof of payment.
  • Once you have made payment, send us the snapshot of the proof of your payment either through emails or Whatapps. You can find our contact details HERE.

How long can I expect the arrival of my purchased item?
  • To process your item shipment would take at least 3 days, the fastest is within 1 day. Depends on the availability of the product.
  • The arrival of your purchased item would depend on your address, but it shall take no more than 1 week. You may ask for refund if that happens, but if the item is already shipped and on the the way, then you would not be refunded?

How do I know if my purchased item is on the way?
  • After you make the purchases, you would be given a tracking number of the package.
  • DO NOT forget to ask for your package's tracking number.

How do I contact the admins?

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